Mason, Lew

Lew Mason

Managing Broker
What does a most-productive office look like? Yarrow Bay agents are all full-time, full-service, inclusive professionals. They are well-educated with many post-graduate degrees, including MBA’s PhD’s and JD’s.
I manage the most productive real estate office, industry-wide, in all the Northwest – the Windermere Yarrow Bay Office. We are not Bellevue, nor Kirkland, nor the Eastside, nor Seattle. We are Yarrow Bay.
-Lew Mason, Managing Broker

Rachel Manning

Lead Coordinator

Rachel Manning

Home Town: Kirkland, WA

Favorite Activity: Play Rugby!

Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones

Sarah Hare

Hare, Sarah 1

Deycha Robinson

Deycha Robinson

Monica Archer

Archer, Monica

Home Town: Olympia, WA

Favorite Animal: Elephant

Home Town: Bellevue, WA

Favorite TV Show Quote: "I am Beyonce, always" - Michael Scott

Home Town: Washington, D.C.

Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing

Home Town: Anacortes, WA

Favorite TV Show: The Bachelor

Services & Solutions


We're here to help you! That includes overseeing the proper organization and documentation relating to residential and condominium listings alike. We use a highly specialized system to insure that we have the most accurate and to date documentation on hand. 


As a part of the services offered Windermere Yarrow Bay, our dedicated team of coordinators are able to assist in the processing of agent transactions. Yarrow Bay Transaction Services is always prepared to ease the transition from active to pending and eventually to SOLD! 


Our services are comprehensive! From tech support, printing & mailing to generating simple marketing materials, we've got you covered. In the off chance that we don't, we will find the best possible answers and alternatives. Reach us at ybstaff@windermere.com for more information.